South Island Son

2018 is off with a bang for the South Island Son boys as they sign with Sideways Saloon Records in preparation for their upcoming EP release in April. February sees them release their new single ‘Slipping away’ to critical acclaim “No moseying by the side of the pool or cowering in the corner, South Island Son are here to be heard” (Bittersweet Symphonies). Melding the finest in Indie-Rock and the sunshine the North West never sees, once described as “Fleet Foxes on holiday” the quartet are for fans of big shirts and Docs. With their debut label release for Sideways Saloon Recording Company, “Slipping Away” sees the group embrace their love of short, well crafted pop songs- to be filed next to Whitney, Real Estate and Grizzly Bear.

Cotton Clouds Festival
Saddleworth Cricket Club, Greenfield, Oldham
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